Where do i begin!?

Well I have been playing FM since around 07. Having an addiction may seem strong but its probably true as I am usually thinking about what signings I can make or what tactic I could use etc.. I have always thought about writing about my saves for other people to see as never having the confidence to make a Youtube account so I have been thinking about blogging for a while. Now I have made that step..hopefully my blogs will be okay and can improve them over time.

My first save on my first game was with my local team Hinckley United who unfortunately now no longer exist BUT have been reborn in some sense as AFC Hinckley! I use to love taking them from the Conference North (Blue Square North) up to the prem and being able to have a connection to the players and the team was just something special and got me hooked!

I have always preferred doing saves taking small teams in to the top leagues or doing saves with teams I randomly get soft spots for like Fleetwood or Dusseldorf (not sure how before someone asks!)

I will probably start with just the one save for now and go from there if my blogs are any good…..


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