The Journey Begins..!



I have started with only England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland & Northern Ireland leagues loaded. Will add more as and when I need them. I am using the SI winter update and not downloaded another version atm. In this save I will be starting unemployed with little to no qualifications and experience ( National C License & Sunday league reputation) and hopefully working my up to the top!


Let the journey begin….

I have started unemployed and looking at the available jobs was little or nothing, so I applied for the Chelmsford & Bishop Stortford vacancies. They both offered me interviews to which I attended both. Chelmsford was the first team to come back to me with the offer of a job as their manager, I was having second thoughts about that job after having a interview with Bishop Stortford. Having looked at both teams chances of getting promtion and squad I decided to delay that job with hope Bishop would offer me the job while I mull over which to pick. In the mean time I offered for the job at Dundalk in Northern Ireland…

After the week of delaying the Chelmsford job they came back to me with the offer, after thinking about the job and prospect of moving them forward I chose to reject the job. The very next day Bishop Stortford offered me the job to which I accepted.

We are in management!

first job




Having delaying my time getting in to management I had missed the first 3 friendlies for Bishop Stortford which they beat Dunstable 3-1, beat Dover 2-0 & lost to Dagenham & Redbridge 3-1.

squad rating

These are the tactics I will use mainly throughout my journey..


With only one friendly remaining against Blackstones, I decided to add two more against Kettering & Bishop under 18’s.


Kettering – Drew 1-1

Was a poor game which we should of won, but it was only a pre season game so was not too bothered as was seeing the players for the first time and testing formations out. Looked a far better team playing 4-3-3.

Blackstones – Drew 0-0

Another poor game which we should of won. Nothing happened second half. Disappointing.

Bishop Stortford Under 18’s – 1-2

Lost to the Under 18’s! Was not happy, should never be losing to your Under 18’s. Tested formations again. Had chances didn’t take them. Embarrassing!

First signing for the club Via the Director Of Football. Welcome De’Jaune Taylor-Crossdale! A striker who will hopefully do better than the ones I have currently got. A free agent who was a Reading youth player.


On to the start of the season which we are predicted to finish Top half. Once the players are familiar with the tactics and we bring in the right players for the squad we can finish top half. Looking forward to the season ahead. If get an opportunity with a better team then I will go if its right but I am currently concentrating taking Bishop Stortford forward!



Thanks for reading my very first Footballa Manager blog. I know its not great but I will hopefully improve as I go on with the save. Any suggestions on where to improve will be appreciated.


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