Meet The Players


Hey guys,

This may well be the last season of my journeyman save depending on how quick I could get through the season as Football Manager 2017 is not so far away.. So I thought I would do something a little bit different and go through each player at Crawley. A team I have practically built as they had little to nothing when I joined. Some may not play as better quality of player have joined since they came in or some may play a bit part if needed. As I have said in the previous update I am still looking to improve the squad if the right player becomes available. Some players at the club I may have shown before in the transfer update and some you may recognize from our time at Queen’s Park. So lets meet the boys…




Callum Preston:

Callum is one of the players who was here when I arrived at the club. He is a fairly young keeper who already has a couple of years experience playing at this level. He will be our number one this season although he does wan’t to leave but hopefully we can persuade him to stay. He is probably one of the best keepers in the league and he still has a bit of potential to improve yet.


Tyrell Belford:

Tyrell comes in as our back up keeper. He has experience of playing at a higher level. He will get game time this season and may become our number one depending on if Callum stays or not. His stats are fairly decent and hopefully he can do a solid job when called upon.




Sonny Bradley:

Sonny is a player who will be one part of our centre back partnership. He has played at higher levels and hopefully he will use his experience to keep the back line shut from the opposition. He has been at the club a few years playing in this league.


Richard Brindley:

Richard will be our first choice right back and with his pace and acceleration he should be able to beat the opposition and may even get the odd assist. He is another player with years of experience in higher leagues.


Adam Chicksen:

We bring in Adam to be our left back. I feel he adds quality and experience to the back line. Another player who has good physical stats for this league. I was surprised he wanted to join us considering he was in League 1 last season.


Alie Sesay:

Alie is the second part of our centre back partnership. It feels like he has been around for longer than he actually has. Being a Leicester fan I remember him when he was trying to break in to the first team at Leicester! Some of his stats could be better but he is good enough this league and hopefully help get us promoted! He is also an international player and we may lose him from time to time which may hurt us if we have a small squad.


Alfie Young:

Alfie is another one of the players who was here when I joined. He will be our back up centre back who can also play as either full back. He has had two decent seasons for us. He has some growing to do stats wise and he may improve and challenge for the starting line up in the future.


Frankie Raymond:

Frankie will be our back up left back and I feel he will do a good job when called upon. He is another player who has experience of playing at this level of football.


Aaron Comrie:


A player people may recognize! He had only just joined Queen’s Park when we left and I decided to bring him with us despite only joining them a matter of weeks. I kind regret in a way bringing him in as he won’t get the game time he needs. He was one of our first signings when we was bulking up the squad. I will give him a chance to impress in this division.


Emmitt Delfounseo:


Emmitt is one of the first players to join us and his stats and not as good as the players who we later went on to bring in. He does have experience of this levels and lower levels but I don’t think he will be here at the end of the season.




Jimmy Smith:

Jimmy is a player who has been with Crawley on the downfall from League 2. He will be a key player for us this season and will be one part of the two in the middle depending on what tactic we play.


Greg Olley:

Olley will continue to be our left sided winger after having two average-good seasons with us. He is still young and will be a key player for us and will help assist and get on the scoresheet.


Michael Freiter:

Michael is our only player who can comfortably player as a defensive midfielder. He is young and still has a bit of growing to do. We do usually play with a defensive midfielder so he will get game time and we will look to bring in a back up should he get banned or injured.


Kevin Owusu:

Kevin comes in as one of our choices for the left side of midfield. He isn’t the best player but he should be able to do a job for us. His physicals are better than our other options currently.


Jarrett Rivers:

Jarrett comes in as our other centre midfielder with the option to play behind the strikers. He has played a few games in League 2 but he does have potential. He can play in a variety of roles if needed which will be useful for us.


Graeme Montgomery:

Some of you may already know of him. Graeme comes in as veteran of the non league.  Whenever I have signed him in previous saves he never fails to deliver from free kicks so hopefully he can be our David Beckham… 😉


Sam Livesey:

Sam is another player who I have had good performances  out of in previous seasons in personal saves and I have brought him in as a back up. His stats are not the best but I know he will help when needed. He has had a decent pre-season for us.


Richard Taundry:

Richard is another player I kind of regret signing as he is another who won’t get many if an minutes on the pitch. He can play in a number of roles which may come in handy for us. Despite him having experience I don’t think he will be another who will be here at the end of the season.


Bradley Isaacs:

Again Bradley is a player who won’t be around for long. He was a DOF signing who I agreed to signing when our numbers were thin.


Will Kinder:

Same as Bradley really  Will was a signing by the DOF which I agreed to in the early days at the club. Don’t expect to see much from him.




Lewis Walters:

Lewis will be our first choice striker. He has no experience of ‘proper’ first team football but I know I can rely on him to bag some goals and help us push on. He already has good stats and he will only keep on improving which will only help us.


Andrew Biddulph:

A player I know you will be familiar with. His stats are not the best but I brought him with me after being one of the main reasons for us getting promoted at Queen’s Park. This is a step up for him and hopefully he will take his chance after being part time in the lower leagues of Scotland for a couple of seasons.


Ollie Brothers:

Ollie joins us after coming through the youth team at West Ham. He is young and has something to offer and has done well for us in pre-season. He will be our back up striker behind Lewis and Andrew.


Joe Caldwell:

Another familiar face joins us at Crawley. A player who brought through the ranks at Queen’s Park. He did reasonably well for us last season and contributed with 6 goals. May try and loan him so he can get regular first team football.



So as you can see I have made some pretty poor signings in hindsight! We need to bring in more quality in midfield and a possible striker and a defender or two possibly. Although overall I am fairly happy with the squad now and feel we are good enough to do well in this league and can be up there fighting for promotion. I am trying to build a squad who are fairly young but also have some experience behind them which will help. I will look to bring in older players like Montgomery who will be able to help tutor young players and help them stay calm in situations.


Thanks for reading.


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