A Journey To The Top?

Hey guys,

Welcome to my blog and my first FM17 blog save. I enjoyed doing my blog on FM16 so I thought I would carry on blogging for the new game. If you didn’t read my blog from the last game in a quick summary I had a fairly successful 4/5 years winning trophies at Queen’s Park in Scotland and then gaining promotion with Crawley.

When it come to deciding on a team to be for my new blog I really was unsure on who to be and what kind of save to do. I enjoy journeyman saves and I also enjoy starting at a club and building them up and taking them to the top division and becoming the best team in the world, so I did a couple of polls. The first one I did was about the kind of save I should do and the second one was what league I should start in which was the most difficult when it came down to picking one. I have chosen to do a one man club (which was the most popular in the poll) with a team I feel we can build and put our own stamp on compared to other clubs I have looked at. Some teams I thought about doing this blog with were teams like Sheffield United, Fleetwood and Peterborough from League 1, I then had a look at teams in League 2 like Yeovil, Luton and Accrington (who are they!?) but I decided to go one step further down and start off in the National League. I do have a soft spot for Fleetwood and Yeovil and they are in the number of teams I follow along with my beloved Leicester City (Champions of England if you didn’t know!) who I have supported thanks to my dad!

Right so lets see who we are starting with. They have played in the football league not so long ago. They are a team who should get promotion from this league. They have been on a decline in the recent years and they have a little bit of money in the bank to allow us some movement in the transfer windows.


Any ideas..?


Our club is Tranmere Rovers! A club who I have managed on previous FM games and have enjoyed taking them through the leagues so I thought why not do it again and blog it this time.


Club Information




I am excited to do this and I feel we are good enough and the lads we have are good enough to help us achieve promotion in our first season. The squad is lacking in positions which we will come to later on. As you can see the club has been falling down the leagues in the past few years. It is crazy to think that as little as 3/4 years ago they were in League 1 but have been playing non league football for the past couple of seasons. Obviously I see Tranmere as one of the bigger clubs in this league. In time I am hoping to be able to improve our facilities and eventually bring players through our youth system who can become world class and may move on for decent amounts to help the club going.

Backroom Staff


The coaching staff are reasonably good in what they do for this level of football. We are seriously lacking in the scouting department but I have spoke to a couple of people and hopefully they will accept our offer and join us. I usually let the DoF bring in staff so as soon as we get one I will leave that to him. I have offered Hangeland a contract to be our assistant although we do have one I will replace him with Brede should he accept. I don’t know why but I have to have him as my assistant and I have always had Brede as my assistant in most of my saves, I know what he does and I can rely on his suggestions to help improve us.




The squad is fairly small and as I have mentioned earlier we are lacking depth in a couple of positions which I will look to hopefully sort out in the next few weeks. I will look to players like Turner, McNulty, Hughes and Norwood to help us get out of this league with their experience to hopefully help the younger players in the squad.



These are the tactics I mainly use. The first one (a 4-2-3-1?) is one I have been using for the past couple of FM games. They all offer something a bit different and hopefully they can help make a difference in varied situations on our way to the Premier League! I will adjust the player roles to fit with the players we have at the club rather thank forcing players in to playing my system.





As much as I fancy us to gain promotion hopefully by winning the league rather than going through the playy-offs this is a really tough division with a big possibility there will be some upsets and drama along the way. The bookies have us as 3rd favourites to win the league which I feel is about right although I did think Dagenham would be higher than 8th favourites which goes to show how hard it will be considering they have only just been relegated.




These are the expectations I have set for us this season. I didn’t want to put much pressure on myself or the lads in my first season of management although I feel we can easily exceed at least 2 out of 3 of the targets if we have luck on our side.



Our set of friendlies is a mixed lot as we play both teams above and below us. I do prefer to play smaller teams with the odd big team in pre-season. As I have said in my FM16 blogs I don’t worry about friendlies so much and just let the lads build up their match fitness and keep the morale of the squad high.


So I currently have a 3 year plan for us so far which will obviously change as we go on. Season 1 – get promoted. Season 2 – stay in League 2. Season 3 – aim for a top half finish. We may do it in the 3 seasons or we may do it in 6. As long as we can keep moving forward and improve season on season then we will get to where we want to be. I am looking to improve the squad and I am in talks with a couple of people who hopefully I can bring in along with scouting a few players with the chance of bringing them in if we can. I will stay at Tranmere unless the worse happens and I get the sack in which I would carry on the save and just join another club.

I will try  and start to get the blog updates out on a regular weekly basis if possible. I am also going to do a blog update of the squad just like I did when we was at Crawley before the next season update comes out.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it and any feedback would be appreciated.


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