Meet The Lads


Hey guys,

This is just a quick update for my new journeyman save where we go through the team one by one so we can get to know them a bit more than just a name.



Iain Turner:


First up is Iain Turner who will more than likely be my number 1 for this season. An experienced goalkeeper who has been around for what seems like forever although he hasn’t played that many games!. A solid keeper for this level.

Scott Davies:


Scott will be our back up keeper and a very solid keeper for this level. He is another keeper who has played football league experience which hopefully will help him and us in this league.


Liam Ridehalgh:


Liam will be our first choice left back this season. A player who has stuck with the club while they have been on their downfall shows a lot about him imo. He is our only out and out left back so I will be looking to add competition for Liam.


Steve McNulty:


The man mountain! If you have ever seen him in the past couple of years you will know how big he is for a footballer! Steve has been around the non league scene for a long time and hopefully he can pass on his advice to our defenders and help keep it tight in defence.


Michael Ihiekwe:


Michael will partner ‘big Steve’ at the back and is very good at this level from my experience managing him. Having started out at Liverpool and joining Wolves without playing a game before signing for us. A player that can play at right back if needed.


Lee Vaughan:


Lee is another of our players who has a tonne of experience playing in the lower leagues. He isn’t the best right back and we may look to bring in a better option but he will do a decent job for us.




Jeff Hughes:


Jeff is player who can play in a number of positions and that is a big asset for us. He will be used as winger/IF or in the middle of the park I feel. He is a solid player at this level.


Lois Maynard:


Lois is a quality midfielder and player who I know can deliver at this level as I have managed him before. A midfielder who can score goals is always a nice bonus.


Steve Jennings:


Steve is another player with loads of football league experience and has also played in the top flight in Scotland (not the best level of football though..) He has played for Tranmere on and off for a number of years.


Adam Mekki:


Adam will be our winger on the right with decent pace for the level we are at. He is a player that can improve and hopefully he will perform for us this season and reach his potential.


Jake Kirby:


Another player with decent potential that I hope he can fulfill here. Jake can play on either which gives us another option in games when coming off the bench.



James Norwood:


James will be one our first choice forwards and is a well rounded player although some of his stats could be better. He is another player with a lot of non league experience.


Andy Cook:


Andy is our other forward that will play with or instead of James depending on the formation we play. Andy is a player that has a good record of scoring goals at this level.


Connor Jennings:


Connor is our 3rd choice striker although he probably won’t play that much. I will give him his chance but he has strong competition to lead from the front line.


Youth Prospect

Ethan Devine:


A player with high potential and the best player in our reserves and youth team. I will train him up and give him his chance when he is ready. I will probably leave him in the reserves/youth team this season where he will get more game time than what he would in the first team.



These are the boys that we have although we do have a couple more players in the team but they will see very little minutes on the pitch so I have left them off. As you can see we do have a lot of experience in this team which I hope will help us perform well in the league and help the younger players along the way.



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